Team Coaching and Team Building

LeaderPerfect® Solutions for Teams

Team-building leads to teams that celebrate their success

In addition to coaching individuals, Strategic Leadership Development International also provides coaching for management and leadership teams, especially in the fields of

  • team building
  • creating sustainable vision
  • defining corporate values
  • reshaping corporate culture
  • developing deep and lasting trust
  • effective communication
  • conflict resolution

By its very nature, coaching of an entire team requires face-to-face sessions. We supplement team coaching, however, with one-on-one coaching of individual team members, either in person or by telephone and internet. As with all of our services, we tailor-make team coaching to meet your specific needs and requirements.

In coaching a team, we often rely on facilitated meetings, where we artfully guide the participants to find the best course of action among an array of options before them.

We have discovered that one of the most frequent impediments to strong, vibrant teams is distrust, the result of unrecognized, unaddressed, or unresolved trust issues. Our team coaching therefore specializes in helping leadership teams surface, identify, and resolve trust issues among themselves and within their organization.

For additional information on our services for teams, check out our web pages on team building and guided facilitation, along with our training course on Creating High-Trust,Peak-Performance Teams.