Business Consulting

Business consulting from Strategic Leadership Development International (SLDI) equips you to optimize business opportunities, whether your business is in the startup phase, the succession phase, the sellout phase, or somewhere in between.

SLDI business consulting and coaching is a particularly attractive resource for small privately-held businesses or family enterprises that cannot afford or justify the fees of major consulting firms.

Best Business Consultants in Dallas

Yet you never compromise on quality by working with SLDI. In 2018, for the second year in a row, named SLDI as one of the 16 best business consulting firms in Dallas. The selection was made after reviewing 289 consulting organizations. (Click here to see the criteria for selection.)

We use a five-phase business consulting process, which consists of

  1. Pinpointing the Vital Issues (PVI)
  2. Mapping the Course (MTC)
  3. Pursuing Targeted Outcomes (PTO)
  4. Enlarging Total Effectiveness (ETE)
  5. Pushing the Performance Envelope PPE)

This sequence of steps moves the consulting process beyond mere problem solving to optimizing both the impact and the growth of your company.

If your business is just getting started . . .

SLDI's business consulting takes your performance to the next level

. . . business consultants from SLDI provide outside perspectives and insightful counsel that help you

  • create solid strategic, business, and marketing plans
  • position yourself to find investors
  • build a talented, high-quality leadership team
  • stay focused on the most vital issues in your startup
  • keep your personal motivation high
  • develop solid work habits from the very beginning

If your business is well beyond startup . . .

Our  business consulting gets striking results

. . . SLDI's business consulting and business coaching help you take your business to the next level, however you define that level. Our goal is always to help you and your business to thrive.

Here are some examples of how SLDI's consultants have guided clients through critical business transitions — in some cases, transitions which saved the business.

  • helped a nation-wide construction company survive the downturn in the economy after 2008 by turning their regional project managers into rain-makers who were able to uncover new lines of business
  • positioned a small mortgage company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to become one of the ten largest mortgage benking firms in the metroplex and to be purchased by a prominent regional bank
  • assisted a subsidiary of a large national franchiser to find investors to purchase  the business after the parent company decided to narrow its strategic focus and divest itself of the subsidiary
  • coordinated the integration of a new management team once a major manufacturing firm, family owned for 40 years, was acquired by a publicly-traded international conglomerate.
  • guided an international non-profit through a wholesale restructure after global political changes made the original purpose of the non-profit obsolete
  • aided two inventors in finding investors and manufacturing partners to bring a ground-breaking product to market quickly and at minimal cost
  • helped two family-owned manufacturing companies restructure their strategies and succession plans to permit an orderly transition of leadership from one generation of the family to the next

Where your needs go beyond business consulting . . .

. . . to include executive and business coaching for yourself or your key business leaders, SLDI can quickly accommodate your requirements. We maintain a nationwide network of affiliations with other business consultants and business coaches who can readily supplement our expertise and maximize the benefit of our LeaderPerfect® Resources and Solutions.